How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioner Repairs Heading Into the Summer

With summer just around the corner, people in Spring, Texas are preparing for what is likely to be a hot and steamy 4 months. In order for homeowners to get ready for this brutal heat, it may be time to take a good long look at a home air conditioning unit to make sure it’s up to the challenge of keeping the home cool during what is probably going to be a hot summer.

It’s important to remember that inspecting the AC unit not only helps to ensure the unit is up to the challenge with the upcoming summer heat, but these sorts of periodic inspections will also help avoid what can be costly repairs. Often times, it all starts with the filter.

Most homeowners understand that changing the AC filter at least once every month is ideal. There are a number of reasons for this.

First off, it’s perhaps the easiest and cheapest ways a homeowner can look after their residential HVAC system. In addition, a clean filter helps with proper air return and allows the system to operate as efficiently as possible. Lastly, a dirty filter can allow dirt and dust to get into an AC system. This will not only reduce efficiency, but it can also shorten the life of internal air handler components.

In addition, if a homeowner wants to avoid costly ac repair spring, Texas, some attention should be paid to the outside compressor unit. This unit is made to take a lot of punishment, and it will take a lot more if it is attended to from time to time. Cleaning the coils of an outside compressor unit, inspecting return lines and trying to offer plenty of shade to the unit without restricting air flow can help make your entire unit more effective.

There are other things, like window film, to reduce the heat that massive amount of sunlight can bring into the home. In addition, using fans can help move the cold air around allowing the AC to shut off more frequently. While all these things can help reduce the amount to strain on your existing AC unit, it can also help avoid expensive ac repair spring, TX. Whether you’re going over your system to get it ready for the summer, or you have repair issues that need to be address, now is the time to do this before the heat settles in.


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